Week Two: Must Read Noir to Know Noir

Well it is a surprise to no one, especially not me, that this whole digital storytelling has been a struggle to pick up.  Being that the topic of Noir is the overall theme of the semester it has taken me awhile to acclimate and peak my own interest in the genre.   To me, if executed improperly the plot can lull and even stagnate given the subdued nature of the dialogue and the common character roles that reoccur.  The history of the acclaimed directors and actors who have partaken in these productions inspired me to look closer into this timeless theme.  It’s ability to be applied to almost any story no matter what film type; sitcom, period piece, drama, satire, etc. is noteworthy.  So Given the prompt of developing a character of my own, I wanted to really analyze what personas are fundamental to these types of tales!  Of course there’s the ‘femme fatals’, ‘villains’, and the classic ‘anti-hero’ but I feel the ‘Snitch’ is the persona Id’d like to delve into.  One of the most influential ones to my memory was ‘ Willy the snitch” from seasons 2-4 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Being that BTVS was my favorite tv series growing up, this character seemed to be one that never had a elaborated story line but at his surface, cam across multi-dimensional in his story.  One who could be amalgamated with a noir character fairly seamlessly



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