Reflecting On The Visualization of Noir Narratives: Character Development


I have never had an eye for photography, but I do consider myself to be a very artistic person.  I try to photographic things with intricate detail or anything that evoked an emotion or memory for me.  When I travel I like to be completely present in my experiences and to stop that stream of consciousness for a photographic, breaks my connection.  To successfully replicate a moment for eternity in the form of photographic entails a lot of forethought.  Lighting, angle, perspective, distance, sharpness, and motion are all components that must be taken into consideration when before a snap can happen.  I think i could definitely improve upon my awareness of lighting, because noir is so strongly reliant on the tension yielded from shadows and dramatic lighting, I could bring more of that manipulation to my photos. The photo about is one I found in a vintage photo album online,  this man is what I picture Thaddeus (my noir character looking like).  His posture, facial expression, styling, and the context of his surroundings paint a picture of a curious enough character that you are not as concern with what his subject is and more drawn to what his story is.


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