Design Blitz

design blitz

After taking the time to identify themes of fundamental design concepts within my everyday environment I’ve realized that each persons interpretation is subjective, given a margin of perspective.

The first photo in my collection of four is a close up of a drawing I did of a cloud.  If you take a careful look, the stippling is done with the repetition of tiny sailboats.  To me the flow of the cloud seems to have a rhythmic nature, almost fluid.

Second is a picture of my old gesso board I used to paint on top of.  Over time many of the colors I mixed have bled onto the distinct green board.  To me the colors all coincidentally complement one another.

Third is an overlay of a classically painted depiction of three women, cut off at the waist and from there down is a more modern looking black and white nude finish.  The contrast of styles and colors somehow comes together perfectly.  To me this represents unity.

Forth is a black and white drawing I found of an octopus inside of a light bulb.  At first the two objects seem mutually exclusive but with closer thought, the metaphor can be interpreted in many ways; the octopus and it’s ink can be perceived as a kind of darkness which can illuminate like a light bulb, or the multipurpose functionality of it’s appendages represent the many facets of an idea (light bulb).  Either way this photo is clearly a great usage of symbols.


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