Week 6


This weeks assignment was to further our brainstorming process on our radio show ideas.  I joined the group called ‘The Noir Buzz’, which is focused on the celebrities and pop-culture surrounding the noir film and music industry.  The group has discussed integrating our own created characters with preexisting celebrities to expand the realms and expand on the controversies surrounding the two.

Since I came in later into the group, they had already agreed on a promo.  The one above is my own adaptation of what came to my mind when I think of a Noir talk show.  I also was interested in this old Hollywood sign… hollywoodland   because I like the vintage feel and the Noir like filter.  I could be integrated somehow.  I found both of these images via a Google search.  The first was for a ‘noir woman smoking’ because I thought that would yield the most options.  I then took that image and manipulated the border and added a caption with the LunaPic app.  It was fairly simple and I definitely prefer it to other more complicated applications. The second picture I found after searching ‘old Hollywood sign’  and there were a majority of black and white photos but I liked that the colored one offered just as much of an authentic noir feel as the others.

I think the audio posts are the ones I have had the most difficulty with (as opposed to the photo assignments) because my personal computer doesn’t posses a user friendly audio program.  It’s taken alot of trial and error.


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