Week 7

As far as this week has gone, I had a difficult time collaborating with my teammates considering I started a new job earlier than expected.
I did my best to contribute my thoughts on how to incorporate noir with pop culture news.  One was to try to match make our characters with celebrities who were connected to noir film in someway.
After leaving my suggestions for segments, commercials, and promo/bumper stickers for the show I unfortunately wasn’t able to bring my ideas to fruition but would look forward to the opportunity to work with this radio assignment again to improve upon the scheduling.

hollywoodlandimageedit_3_302258921010496041_10153096679546549_3314348929414860032_o  I think my character would make a great match with Bunny Lebowski from The Big Lebowski, as partners in crime.  The dynamic of their comedic relief would be an interesting mix.


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