Weekly Summary 3/9/15- 3/15/15

Daily Creates


– Create a Lesson:  Something I do everyday to keep myself in shape is squating.  This is also an exercise move that is important to maintain technique because there is a risk for strain or stress on the knees.


– Favorite moment of the week: Shower time.  This is a picture I drew with charcoal to represent the relaxation and reflection I experience while showering.  Whether I’m feeling under the weather or just need a quick rinse, showers are my favorite moment of my day.

Different Sides

– Sides of me: Collage. I wanted to represent the fun, youthful side of myself as well as the more subdued and contemplative side to me.  I took these pictures from all different times in my life.  Childhood vacations, summer camp, and traveling internationally.

eimage1 (3) IMG_0264 IMG_2436



story mapping was a visual assignment that seemed to be right up my alley.  I love to travel and I try my hardest to document my trips with photographs while I am  experiencing them without taking away from fully embracing the moment. 

Radio Show Review: I was blown away by the quality of production of these radio shows but even more impressed by the amount of creativity all of the groups were able to execute.

Comments/ Inspiration: Commenting and gaining inspiration for assignments is something I do before i do any of my assignments. Especially if I am not sure how to finish something or how it should look aesthetically.  Even more, I appreciate the narratives my fellow students offer on the difficulites they have had because i do aswell.


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