Week 9: Daily Creates

Dream Staircase


An Eerie Equinox

Written by Caroline Cotto on March 20, 2015 4:57 pm

Though it may be the first day of spring
I don’t mind
Mother Earth holds off on the sunshine
For one last rainy fling
Because the weather will turn, all in good time
I don’t mind

Daily Creates are always good at poignantly challenging me either emotionally or creatively, both put me outside of my comfort zone which I believe is a fundamental part of growing as a person.

The first assignment I completed was the ‘Dream Staircase’, which was the most introspective posts I have made thus far.  The most difficult part was realizing my true dream which is not a specific event or a certain job role.  Since my upbringing and recent life has been a constant cycle of turmoil and relief I believe the one thing I dream of most is mental, financial, and physical stability, which could be found in any geographical location.  The steps that lead to completing this goal are pretty straight forward, once I realized what my ultimate dream was.

The second assignment was to write a poem about how we feel about rainy days.  In my opinion the most beautiful things in life come from a juxtaposition, contradiction, or ironic pairing which is either metaphorically or visually complementary.  Having a gray and rainy first day of spring is the epitome of this, therefor I used this opportunity to revel in it.  My words don’t always come to me, especially in an eloquent or poetic manner.  I felt by keeping it short and sweet I was able to get my point across pretty well.

I am looking forward to what next weeks daily creates will bring!


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