Week 9: Radio Show Evaluation

The radio show I listened to was “The Fifth Dimension Twilight Zone” created by Fairuz


  • Quality of audio sound: The volume was consistent and moderately edited. The sound of both the spoken components and the integrated clips from other sources were clear, and free of noises not needed?  During one part in the show when one of the girls was speaking she had a sort of summer time cricket noise happening in the background which I wasn’t sure was on purpose but I liked it and thought it added a warm feeling to the audio.
  • Quality of audio editing – use of effects like the highly recognizable “Twilight Zone” jingle was great. Transitions were clear and quick, cognitively they could have possibly been a bit more streamline but that is the most criticism I could offer.
  • Use of sound effects- Like the appropriate usage of background noise or music was perfect and light-handed.  Not overdone or left anything to be desired.
  • Use of music- The use of music was complementary and not distracting at all.
  • Does the show have a structure? Is it cohesive or does it feel stitched together?
  • The whole show was done with a great amount of drama and a generous amount of allusions to pop culture. It told many stories in an effective but not overly forced way. These was a great flow; every segment was just long enough to draw the listener in but not too long as to bore them.
  • I would rate this radio show a 5/5
  • My favorite part was the reel of Will Ferrell Quotes from his many movies. As well as the satirical usage of ‘Twilight’ mellowdrama as a manipulation of the shows comedic and serious vibe.

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