Week 9: Recycled Media

1. Underwater Cozy Canopy

Underwater Cozy Canopy

2.Underside of Antique Dried Rose

Fall and Dried Roses 010 Back end

3. Promise of Love During The Autumn of The Year

Promise of love during the Autumn of the year

4. Symphonic Savannian Acoustics: Video clip of street performers in Savannah Georgia singing “Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Above are three of the four unused media I uploaded to the Phonar shared dropbox.  I try to title my pieces with a play on their true message.  My reasoning for taking these pictures or capturing these moments was because I observed them having a unique dynamic.  Whether that be a juxtaposition of an underwater like installation placed on the ceiling or the romantic backdrop of a season displayed behind a romantic gesture of ‘love locks’ in Cologne Germany.  All of these media sources were initially suppose to be integrated into the ‘Design Blitz’ assignment. They didn’t make it into my Flickr album because I found more suitable representations for the assignment.


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