Week 9: Summary

Web Assignment:

Web Story Telling:


The web story telling has proven to be the most difficult part of this weeks assignment pool.  The initial link given for mozilla was not functional so I in turn attempted to download firefox and used the firebug application which was cautioned to make link codes disappear.  The kinks of this are very finicky.  I attempted to take the Domino’s interface and manipulate it into the fictional business my friend and I have jokingly developed.  This pizza place serves anything you can ever want, on a pizza, ‘no matter what is the guarantee!’. (We even have a jingle) I am still working on developing this.

Character Resume:

The character profile I created is below, in the form of a resume of a fictional character based off of the culmination of women from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I feel these ladies have the most sass and their dialects and slang terms are so different from the language I am used to speaking. They make fascinating character studys’. Ms. Rubella is a recent divorce who is lookin’ to make an entrepreneurial debut with her settlement money, honey.  She is bold beautiful and has very little actual work experience but comes from a very artistic background and education.

Rubella Jones

3452 Rubarb Way

Atlanta, GA 40926



To find and implement my specialized skills gained from being the most fabulous housewife in The South

Skills and Strengths:


Event Planning and Attending

Interior Design and Décor

Singer/ Songwriter


Savannah School of Design

Work Experience:


Rubella Jones

Pintrest Vacation Board:

It has been a long time dream of mine to live in Hawaii so naturally I had an easy time finding inspiration for my first trip there.  Everything from the hairstyle to the car I will be driving are in my board.

Radio Show Evaluation:  I found these shows to be an excellent way for me to have stimulation while at my desk job. I enjoyed them alot.

“The radio show I listened to was “The Fifth Dimension Twilight Zone” created by Fairuz


  • Quality of audio sound: The volume was consistent and moderately edited. The sound of both the spoken components and the integrated clips from other sources were clear, and free of noises not needed?  During one part in the show when one of the girls was speaking she had a sort of summer time cricket noise happening in the background which I wasn’t sure was on purpose but I liked it and thought it added a warm feeling to the audio.
  • Quality of audio editing – use of effects like the highly recognizable “Twilight Zone” jingle was great. Transitions were clear and quick, cognitively they could have possibly been a bit more streamline but that is the most criticism I could offer.
  • Use of sound effects- Like the appropriate usage of background noise or music was perfect and light-handed.  Not overdone or left anything to be desired.
  • Use of music- The use of music was complementary and not distracting at all.
  • Does the show have a structure? Is it cohesive or does it feel stitched together?
  • The whole show was done with a great amount of drama and a generous amount of allusions to pop culture. It told many stories in an effective but not overly forced way. These was a great flow; every segment was just long enough to draw the listener in but not too long as to bore them.
  • I would rate this radio show a 5/5
  • My favorite part was the reel of Will Ferrell Quotes from his many movies. As well as the satirical usage of ‘Twilight’ mellowdrama as a manipulation of the shows comedic and serious vibe.”

Daily Creates:

“Dream Staircase


An Eerie Equinox

Written by Caroline Cotto on March 20, 2015 4:57 pm

Though it may be the first day of spring
I don’t mind
Mother Earth holds off on the sunshine
For one last rainy fling
Because the weather will turn, all in good time
I don’t mind

Daily Creates are always good at poignantly challenging me either emotionally or creatively, both put me outside of my comfort zone which I believe is a fundamental part of growing as a person.

The first assignment I completed was the ‘Dream Staircase’, which was the most introspective posts I have made thus far.  The most difficult part was realizing my true dream which is not a specific event or a certain job role.  Since my upbringing and recent life has been a constant cycle of turmoil and relief I believe the one thing I dream of most is mental, financial, and physical stability, which could be found in any geographical location.  The steps that lead to completing this goal are pretty straight forward, once I realized what my ultimate dream was.

The second assignment was to write a poem about how we feel about rainy days.  In my opinion the most beautiful things in life come from a juxtaposition, contradiction, or ironic pairing which is either metaphorically or visually complementary.  Having a gray and rainy first day of spring is the epitome of this, therefor I used this opportunity to revel in it.  My words don’t always come to me, especially in an eloquent or poetic manner.  I felt by keeping it short and sweet I was able to get my point across pretty well.

I am looking forward to what next weeks daily creates will bring!”

Recycled Media:

“1. Underwater Cozy Canopy

Underwater Cozy Canopy

2.Underside of Antique Dried Rose

Fall and Dried Roses 010 Back end

3. Promise of Love During The Autumn of The Year

Promise of love during the Autumn of the year

4. Symphonic Savannian Acoustics: Video clip of street performers in Savannah Georgia singing “Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Above are three of the four unused media I uploaded to the Phonar shared dropbox.  I try to title my pieces with a play on their true message.  My reasoning for taking these pictures or capturing these moments was because I observed them having a unique dynamic.  Whether that be a juxtaposition of an underwater like installation placed on the ceiling or the romantic backdrop of a season displayed behind a romantic gesture of ‘love locks’ in Cologne Germany.  All of these media sources were initially suppose to be integrated into the ‘Design Blitz’ assignment. They didn’t make it into my Flickr album because I found more suitable representations for the assignment. “


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