Week 9: Web Assignments

Web Story Telling:


The web story telling has proven to be the most difficult part of this weeks assignment pool.  The initial link given for mozilla was not functional so I in turn attempted to download firefox and used the firebug application which was cautioned to make link codes disappear.  The kinks of this are very finicky.  I attempted to take the Domino’s interface and manipulate it into the fictional business my friend and I have jokingly developed.  This pizza place serves anything you can ever want, on a pizza, ‘no matter what is the guarantee!’. (We even have a jingle) I am still working on developing this.

Character Resume:

The character profile I created is below, in the form of a resume of a fictional character based off of the culmination of women from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I feel these ladies have the most sass and their dialects and slang terms are so different from the language I am used to speaking. They make fascinating character studys’. Ms. Rubella is a recent divorce who is lookin’ to make an entrepreneurial debut with her settlement money, honey.  She is bold beautiful and has very little actual work experience but comes from a very artistic background and education.

Rubella Jones

3452 Rubarb Way

Atlanta, GA 40926



To find and implement my specialized skills gained from being the most fabulous housewife in The South

Skills and Strengths:


Event Planning and Attending

Interior Design and Décor

Singer/ Songwriter


Savannah School of Design

Work Experience:


Rubella Jones

Pintrest Vacation Board:

It has been a long time dream of mine to live in Hawaii so naturally I had an easy time finding inspiration for my first trip there.  Everything from the hairstyle to the car I will be driving are in my board.

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