Weekly Summary: 13

ON THE CASE:  https://vimeo.com/125423627

When a woman from my past who lives in my mind comes to call for my services… the most predictable sequence of events occur.  These do allow me to come to terms with some ghosts I have been to afraid to face and also help me realize a dream I have is not beyond my reach.

Many late night walks and glasses of whiskey later.

Process:  I wanted to capture the story of my past and embody the elusive nature of my lovely Carla.  This was best done through a compilation of narratives, music, and black and white photographs. I allow for a pop of color to represent the promise of my dream.  That not lying in the person you think it will but rather a place.

Backstory:  To understand why I am the way I am you must first know my past.  This I only reveal pieces at a time, but if you pay close enough attention… you may peel back the right amount of layers.

Dissolution:  The relationship between Carla and I may seem to be over, for now but believ me when I say, she is a woman of habit.  She’ll be back.

Saga? Prequel?  This story leaves room for both.

Daily Create: Face a Fear: With No Face

This sketch done in sharpie is meant to depict a dark room in which I am standing over a table being approached by a gaggle of spider/crawly insects.  As someone who is both afraid of the dark and bugs I found a way to take the edge off the phobia by adding a reason for the directional.


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