Week 10: Video Assignments + The Interview

Video Work: Since I decided I work best alone, My video assignment this week is to complete 15 stars, a difficult feat, but not impossible.  I thought it’d be cool to see what an avatar would look like talking as me, Thaddeus, so I made one.

Vintage educational movie:


The Interview:  

Changeover: https://twitter.com/ChattyThaddy  

Is the link to my new twitter, There I can give and receive the latest scoop without risking the danger that the snitching business provides.

Organizing:  Given that I am a lone wolf and have been my whole life, I feel it would be best to venture into next weeks agency projects alone.  Especially since my line of work requires me to be anywhere at a moments notice, and you never know who to trust.

Daily Creates:

image1 (4)

Monday March 23rd:  Breakfast Selfie

– I enjoyed taking the time to play with my food.  They say you are what you eat and this suspicious looking oatmeal really reflects my paranoid mood.  Who knows what the day will bring… but I’ll be waiting and prepared with my protein packed sustenance.

image1 (5)

Wednesday March 25th: Words of Wisdom

–  A theory I believe in that has always re-calibrated my own insecurity in my individuality is the fact that we all find magic and answers in different things.  The more magic we appreciate, the more we are willing to put into the world and accept others.  As a child, you have an overwhelming ability to see things others can’t and it is a travesty that as adults we can no longer pull from that creative head space. I encourage everyone to open their eyes to the unknown and embrace it with a positive POV.

Talking to a stranger

Written by Caroline Cotto on March 29, 2015 12:06 pm

“Yesterday I ventured to the library in hopes to get some schoolwork done. I took my boyfriend with me to show him where I spent countless hours getting lost in different magical worlds as a child. I hadn’t been back there for almost 15 years and everything of course seemed to shrink. We found a table inside the childrens books enclave because that was the only place that had outlets available. As we sit down to open our respective laptops we are joined by two little blonde girls in tutus and their father. Seeing daddy daughter dates is one of the most adorable sightings, in my opinion. The older one sat and read to herself while the other picked her books up and made herself comfortable at our child-size table. She was quiet and unsuspecting at first, but then gradually began to make playful eye contact with me and my boyfriend before she built up the courage to ask me my name. Olivia’s eyes were so big and blue, her pink cheeks swell when she smiled. She then whispers to me that she can’t read these words in her book and I oblige to help her read as long as she flips the pages. We go on giggling softly and reading a couple stories before her father tells her they are leaving. We say our goodbyes and she thanks me for helping her. I can’t help but feel a smile cross my face and then radiate throughout my whole body. Getting to relive the joy of library visits and the most fearless curiosity through our encounter was simply heartwarming.”

– I think this may have been my favorite daily create this week.  Reflecting on the many people I encounter everyday is something Id like to do more often.  I started a section in my personal journal entitled “Stranger Ties” to log my serendipitous meetings.  My boyfriend always say he is never alone, he is always with friends, though they may not know they are friends… yet!



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